Transform Pain into Purpose

The Journal-Artist

Fusing journaling with Journalism for the Literary fictionalization of the Personal Journey.

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The Journey of the Journal-Artist

In 2013, Mingjie started fusing expressive writing with gonzo journalism after going through a mental health crisis. Mingjie specialized in curriculum design and teaching methodologies as a former award winning educator and English department chair. She started a new genre of writing called, “Journal-Artism,” which fuses journaling with journalism for the literary fictionalization of one’s life journey told through the lens of journal entries, presented as fiction, based on a true story. These journal entries then culminates into a historical novel, documenting one’s personal character arc through love defined in 1 Corinthians 13.

The Love Story Playbook in Seven Acts

Mingjie is creating a Journal-Artist program inside The Love Story Organization, a nonprofit she founded in 2015, called “The Love Story Playbook.”

The Love Story Playbook is designed to arc the story from a tragedy into a divine comedy by arcing the protagonist in the story through the discipline revealed in 1 Corinthians 13. The protagonist is actually a projection of the journal-artist telling the story, in fiction, based on a true story. The Journal-Artist is thus in the discipline of fusing journaling and journalism to capture one’s personal life journey.


The Producer’s Playbook

Transform Tragedy by Revealing it in Three Acts.

The book Behind The program

The Producer’s Playbook reveals the Mystery of Love in 1 Corinthians 13:12 when acted upon: For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. The playbook is based on three premises about love:

  • God is Love
  • Love is Defined in 1 Corinthians 13
  • Love is Sovereign, each endowed with divine matter, act, and will.

Based on the premises above, the Playbook explores how to reverse curses, integrate shadows, and act upon your true passion, pursuit, and purpose through the means of love defined.

The playbook deep dives into the Origins of Spiritual Intelligence based on the true purpose of Lucifer’s cosmic function as “bringer of light” in the duality between good and evil, setting a chain of events, namely the fierce faith of Eve, the true compassion of Adam, and the true love of God’s son, Jesus Christ, in the alchemy of reversing the first curse that caused the first fall– “God doubts my goodness.”

Based on the true story of Eve’s choice to bite from the fruit, the playbook aims to deconstruct your alchemized shadows and reconstruct meaning and purpose when transforming your tragedy into The Love Story by way of love defined.

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Diary of a Crazy Entrepreneur

Because I am Naked, 2019

Angelie has a burning fire within her spirit. Will the fire consume or transform her?

Angelie has a burning fire within her spirit. Will the fire consume or transform her?

she leaves the suburbs of so cal for a nine months self-directed learning trip to Berlin, Warsaw, Dubrovnik, Split, Dobra Voda, Mostar, Rome, Florence, Palestine, and israel in search of the divine feminine to counter-act the toxic forces of the negative feminine within her.

After another failed attempt at establishing a relationship with someone

she likes, she finds herself caught in a love triangle with a taken man, bringing her to a past heartbreak she had been running away to forget. yet, the love triangle forces her to confront the grudge she bears

towards an ex-husband, a mistress, and a young wife battling self-esteem and addiction issues that only the older version of Angelie, nine years later, could understand.

She traces the roots of the toxic feminine back to the origins of the fall, colored by the cathedrals, mosques, and churches of ancient portals of time, space, and distance.

Will her actions reveal a path of revenge or redemption?

This is a book of journal entries, written in fiction, artist-inspired, based on a true tragedy, in honor of naked Adam. The purpose of this fiction, based on a true tragedy is to help the journal-artist discern her true passion from her false one. These journal entries fuse Gonzo journalism with fiction narrative storytelling written in the first, second, and third person perspectives. It is designed for you, the journal-artist, to do your own shadow work and reveal your own truth in fiction, BOTS journaling.

If you are feeling toxic, if you are toxic, and/or if you are surrounded by toxicity, reading and highlighting parts that resonate will trigger you and will help you become anti-toxic and anti-fragile. Resonate for similarities and use parts highlighted as journaling prompts to journal your own truth in fiction, based on a true tragedy.


The Love Story Playbook

The Character Arc

The Love Story Playbook is designed for the Journal-Artist to arc the protagonist in the story, transforming one’s life tragedy into a love story, by leveraging the discipline of love defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

The discipline of love is the way of patience, kindness, and the way of “nots” and “love always…”. We explore how to untie our spiritual knots through the Divine Act of not envying, not boasting, not being proud, not dishonoring others, not self-seeking, not easily angered, not keeping record of wrongs, and not delighting in evil.

Through the spiritual replacement of the Seven powers of Wrath with the Seven Virtues of the Holy Spirit, we leverage Divine Matter, Will, and Act to arc our character in a divine comedy, also known as The Love Story.

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Diary of a (Still Kind of Crazy) Entrepreneur, 2022

Because I Am Covered

Published February 15, 2022

Angelie is three years into her sobriety, the longest she’s been since she was 15. Now that she is of sound mind, sober, and sane, can she withstand the pain of looking into her past so she can resolve the patterns that have been sabotaging her efforts in building her own independence and her own nuclear family?

After years of battling addiction and self-esteem issues, Angelie is finally able to speak her truth, stand up for herself, and stand her ground. She’s uncovering codependency issues, patterns of attracting partners who exhibit familiar abusive behaviors, and confronting her abandonment and rejection issues.

Can she reveal the dark pasts, deal with the consequences of her life choices, break generational toxic patterns, and feel the grief, anger, and betrayal associated with addiction and dysfunctional families while still maintaining her serenity, sobriety, and soundness of mind?


The Journal-Artist Playbook, 2022

Publishing July 4, 2022

The Journal-Artist Playbook will outline the details of how to transform one’s previous journal entries into a historical novel.

It will build upon the aim of the Journal-Artist in one’s own real life, real-time walk with a Higher Power defined in 1 Corinthians 13, in the seemingly very hard task of arcing one’s character in order that we arc the storyline of our personal timeline for a lifeline on living a purpose-driven life.