Act II Silver Linings·Pain

“Close Encounter”

Fiction. Based on a True Insight at The Museum of Moving Images. 14 minute read

written by Mingjie Zhai,

told in the Ego, “You”

You stumble upon this museum because you got lost. You were supposed to go to supper club, Smoke Jazz. Boy did you go the wrong way.

But you’re glad you’re here.

You are led by discernment to investigate. You are reminded that this is indeed the upside world. That you are but an alien in a body suit, attached to an identity, walking around with perpetual amnesia, on assignment to remember, activate, and take action on your mission.

Clues The Truth Revealed in Fiction

You see a naked statue among masks and automatically identify this naked statue as yourself and yet you also know that you’re not the only one who feels the empty and lonely.

When inside, you witness the icons of famous subsumed into a display in a museum.

That is a god-awful destiny, you think to yourself.

What did they have to sacrifice just to be able to be immortalized into a statue inside a glass box?

You think of one horrible fairytale of a witch who traps young people into a storybook or worse yet, their souls into a statue.

You are reminded that Jim Carrey has taken off his mask after graduating from the school of consciousness.

You continue down the aisle of costumes, set design, and portraits.

It frightens and excites you knowing that there is a deeper meaning behind this. After you have accepted the truth that truth is revealed in fiction, you now look at every story as storing hidden gems of esoteric and ancient knowledge. What is the storyteller revealing to you? The spiritual battle is taking place right under our noses, if only we can sniff out what’s real and what’s fiction under the guise of fiction.

You watch the original pitch the producers of the Muppet Show made to CBS and realize that they had originated around the same time when CBS was building its legs [x].

You watch the pitch three times and realize there’s something amiss. You can’t pinpoint it. There is something there, hidden in plain sight, but what is it?

The puppets perhaps represents the icons, and the handlers perhaps represent those who are pulling the strings of the icons. It’s no longer a big secret after the advent of YouTube that this how the industry goes. Controllers are controlling others and are also being controlled, and handlers are handling others and are being handled.

Onwards goes the MLM Pyramid Scheme.

Chad Hurley never loved and never lost, he’s always conquered, so he tells you.
Fuck it. Just take the picture with the billionaire. Interview over! you tell him.

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Dark Crystal The Beast System

And then you come by a clip of Labyrinth in the Museum of Moving Images starring David Bowie who played the King Goblin, and you are reminded again of the connection to him through an advisor. You are also looking directly at the long hand at the 13th hour, because that number has been following you around everywhere.

“It’s the right path,” Nick Yarris from Fear of 13 tells you a few weeks past.

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He did give you one caveat with the number 13, but for some reason you do not remember what he had said to you. It’s as if you were not ready for it yet or there was a deliberate spiritual interference.

You tell yourself that God is always in control. Some information are only revealed when you are spiritually ready.

You were staring at one of the original Skeksis mad dogging you. The Skeksis in The Dark Crystal were malevolent mystic wizards who used the Dark Crystal to continually replenish themselves, and this particular Skeksis was looking directly at you. Perhaps this Skeksis was the puppet directly played by Frank Oz himself. You entertain the idea.

You look closer at the brainstorm leading to The Dark Crystal plot, and you realize that whoever wrote this had an acid trip and through it, was revealing esoteric knowledge.

Steven Spielberg directed Captain EO and he also directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

You have a direct connection to Walt Disney.

As well as CNN.

Through the seed of hope.

A future.

The Truth Revealed in Fiction

You could not believe how many parallels this movie has with the End Times Prophecies in the Holy Bible. Those who have a close encounter with the third kind are seen as crazy in the eyes of those who are still spiritually asleep.

In the movie, the pyramid tip is broken off, leaving us to focus on the 2/3s,  or 66%–you can interpret this as 666, the mark of man.

Perhaps, it is about saving all mankind, or those who have been left behind? Is that the ultimate truth of the Kabbalah? You ruminate.

This “third kind” kidnaps the woman’s child.

This is often the case with sacrificial rituals that are taking place throughout the world among those who worship the dark lord for temporary power. 

The press is all over this case except rather than acknowledging the mother’s claims, the suspicion lies on the mother. Prior to the kidnapping, there was an attempt; when the spell lured the boy towards the cult made up of lost boys who follow the UFOs, Holy Spirit, or in this movie, coincidence, had it where the boy almost got run over by a the main character driving the car who, earlier had been touched by the aliens, and the boy is saved when his mother picks him up right before the car makes contact. This critical crossroad scene is a testament to how spiritual warfare operates. Sometimes we think a close call or an act of something delayed as bad luck of something frustrating, but what we don’t realize is how complex a series of events have been mapped out by the polar spiritual entities in battle. By this near fatal car accident, the boy, the mother, the protagonist man had prevented the boy from a close kidnapping from the alien worshipping cultists.

Regardless, the boy has already been marked so he is abducted anyway. In symbolic scene, the screws were coming loose from the floorboard as these aliens were attempting to capture the boy. This is symbolic of the experience people go through when they are waking up and something is trying to take away their most precious source of love. It could seem like one is going crazy, but it is the right path to take.

Cut to the press conference where the government acts dumb and the press insinuates foul play on the mother’s behalf. Before suspicion of the mother escalates, the town is at a state of emergency. The news report that there is a toxic spill from one of the chemical plants and the two main characters who had a direct encounter from the third kind, knew that the news was a cover up and began heading into the direction that everybody else is evacuating from, like salmon swimming upstream.

There are also the same numerological signs you’ve been in life now displayed subtly throughout the movie. 33 marking the plane in act one and 44 in the map coordinates to the alien activity site, and other subtle placements planted throughout the entire movie. You know the numbers in the movie are there deliberately.

You take excitement and comfort in knowing the numbers are there.

3 men opposing 3 lights.

Father, son, and holy ghost and the mark of man, 666.

They make contact. They release those who have been abducted after the humans have played their song. You believe it has something to do with 1 Corinthians 13, verse 12, leveraging compassion and love for a convergent purpose.

The little boy goes back to the mother, and the protagonist man volunteers to go into the space ship. Perhaps it is just exchanging hostages. boys for awakened and sacrificial men.

They dress up in red and black. Control colors. They go into the light, into this spaceship that looks an awful like the city of New York and DTLA, reversed, and they are ready to go, their hope is to plant light in the heart of darkness, with eyes wide open and protected.

You feel both hopeful and fearful at the same time.

You realize the bravery of a lot of the men in the 33 club. Most of them do it to protect the women and children.



Steven Speilberg makes a comment that all the actors and actresses in this movie just play their authentic selves. This was a huge insight to the power of revealing truth in fiction.

Perhaps all the greats are just journalists who understand the power of myth and have leveraged it to tell one hell of a story.

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