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Funhouse Mirrors

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We are living in a funhouse mirror of illusions.
Here’s how to play the game of ultimate reality.

0 or 1 (he loses, you win) = you both lose.

1 or 0 (he wins, you lose) = you both lose.

0 and 0 (wipe out= both loses = Karma)  Start over.

1 and 1 (he wins, you win) = you both win.


This is how you transform into 11s.

Virtues’ being and becoming transforms Sins into Virtues

We all have sins and we all have virtues. Not one of us is spared from this battle in this matrix.

Humility transforms Pride into Humility

Humility is not to think less of yourself, but to think about yourself less (AA-Inpired), also known as “mindfulness.”

Pride is thinking about yourself all the time that you neglect or forget the value of other people. You think you are more “worthy” or “above” another person. This can be measured by something very artificial, superficial, and malleable like how many people are following you and engaging with you on social media, the color of your skin as being superior to another, what movie you played in–is it an A, B, or C lister, who you know—it’s all a fucking illusion. And that illusion is our ego deceiving us all to play a zero sum game (either/or game).

Liberality transforms Greed into Liberality

To give freely without request for acknowledgement or compensation. Giving for giving’s sake.

Chastity transforms Greed into Chastity

Chastity embraces moral wholesomeness and purity, and in both thought and action treats God’s gift of sexuality with due reverence and respect. [x]

Patience transforms Wrath into Patience

Time is the water that penetrates through steel. Time is the allowance given for others to transform steel into iron.

Temperance Transforms Gluttony into Temperance

Any addictions of the flesh–overeating, oversexualizing, over undereating, extremes that show the illusion of inability to control. Also known as a fetish or an addiction. Temperance is the ability to control addictions rather than have the addictions control you. Temperance is power over yourself. Power over yourself is true freedom.

Kindness Transforms Envy into Kindness

Remember that the key is to transform envy by first calling out the envy–first through the act of confessing to the person you have perpetrated using this sin. How many sisters have you envied in their up and coming arrival of their love stories in their journey with a growing family. The ultimate gift of the divine feminine–to embrace her family.

Persistence Transforms Sloth into Persistence

Persistence is the standing for of a possibility that, through sheer faith and willpower, becomes to break the box into breakthroughs, one more box to unlock so we may start unlocking the chains that bind humanity. This comes through the persistence of faith in belief that you are on the Northern Path–the walk of the higher conscious. Sources: [x]

Now here’s how to transform our sin into virtues.

  1. Do not make sin wrong. It just what is.
  2. Sin is part of our nature–it’s the test we are designed here to conquer–our walk towards full self-realization is the goal.
  3. Have compassion for ourselves in the inward journey and the battle towards self-expression.

Please remember:

God deliver us from our shadows by shining a light to what they are, so we may transform it. Love our shadows, love our light.

Aho & Amen.

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