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I Capture the Art in Artists

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Fiction. Based on a True Business Idea.

“So what if I were to take your picture, make a canvas out of it, and then pair it with video of your performing live,” you ask the blues singer.

“That’ll be interesting,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ll have to see it.”

A few days ago -A Hip Hop Artist, a DJ 

“So what if I were to push out an interactive canvas of artists and sell it on ebay?” you ask him.

“What if I were to do a 30/70 split?” you ask.

“30/70?” he said. He’s been in the industry for well over two decades, with children now, and diversifying his portfolio to other hustles. It’s hard making money as a full blown artist, especially now that the game is changing so quickly.

“How about 50/50?” he said.

You think about it. It should be 50/50, across all platforms. Nowadays, the business world is robbing the artists of their art. You feel terrible because you’re so broke, you wish you could pay all of them and live the message, but it seems like the system wants you to pay for the lightning, the sound technicians, the venue, the promoters, and everybody else but not the artists. Well to be fair, you realize that everybody is in process of becoming a “professional” and even then, it is tough.

You were made aware that many artists have to “pay to play.” Think about the spoken word open mic hustles out there. They charge people to come in and practice their craft. The open mic comedy show is the same thing. People just trying.

What if there was a way to create that bridge between professional, indie, and apprentice artists? What if there was a way to empower the artists that are already well established to “give back” to the community and what if there was some sort of pipeline to offer an alternate way for indie artists to make money while supporting their development? And what if there were a community of student artists who are eager to find a mentor and build their craft through their local community?

You were at Berkeley the other day and discovered @ExtraNappy. It was one of those moments that you discovered the diamond in the rough. Across the building was the gentrification of tech–adding new gadgets for “social progress” while artists are starving while still producing their art. No, you want to continue taking photos. This is your art. You want to express the good, the bad, the ugly through photojournalism.

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The canvas of @GasLampKiller came in from the manufacturer. You have great footage of him. You wonder how you want to present it to him. You know your to do list is to get the e-commerce shop setup so you can start creating awesome canvases of artists captured live in action. You’re nervous. How will Gas Lamp Killer, William, take it? You plan on doing this for Crywolf, Kraddy, Tycho, Flume, and Odesza. You miss the action of filming on set. And if somehow you can began an artist collective that continues to provide interactive media in unique forms to empower artists as well as prove sustainability for yourself. Bingo.

Your next business idea.

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