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Instant Picture Bullshit

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Let my Ego Talk

Fiction. Based on a True Conversation with the Daemon of Naysayers in your head.

Fuck my follows count on Instant Picture.

If I’m serious about my mission, I would follow every single depressed person who is just like myself, so I can learn them, so I can cater to them.

It’s no longer about me anymore.

I’m getting over my self-centered ways.

But wouldn’t it look uncool to have more people I’m following then who follows me? It says to me.

Yes it would.

But right now, my best currency is time (@GaryVaynerchuck-inspired), and

I’m listening to Vin Clancy’s Instagram Hack; he’s teaching me how to leverage it in a way that I can listen closer to those I serve.

Only problem is. You don’t like the people you serve because they remind you too much about yourself. It says
You don’t want to get retriggered do you?
It says again.

Fuck the trigger warnings. Trigger me all you want. This will be the anti-venom that I had discovered from Andrea’s share.

They spend most of their time whining and bitching instead of actually doing something. It says.

Yeah, well, at some point, I have been like that too right? Who am I to judge?

See their self-righteous low self esteem leveraging their victimhood for social attention. It says.

I am showing vulnerability and the social media community will support me in that.

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