Act I Heart of Darkness·Passion

Red-Pilled #StayWoke

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Based on a True Rant against the Brainwash.

#StayWoke  #RedPilled #CriticalThinking

You love a black man.

You used to teach lots of black kids.

You have black girlfriends.

That said, here’s your red pill rant:

Mainstream Media incites Racial Division and Creates More Racism

The Self Loathing Voice:

“I am the virtue signaling, pretentious, bougie, alt-left, manipulating pseudo liberal who act like I care but when push comes the shove, couldn’t give two shits and wouldn’t spend a day talking to a homeless person or who couldn’t last a week teaching in an inner city classroom.”

“I challenge my virtue signaling and through this reflection, I realize that I am a product of the bullshit that the beast system/belief system has created.”

“I am so self-absorbed, I’ve gotten used to my own bullshit that I can’t even discern how much I’m fouling up the air that I’m sharing.”

You are a ghost in an organic shell that the beast system is attempting to transfer into a machine.

Ghost in a Machine

Divide and Conquer

But in order for this agenda to happen, you must be a willing servant who wants to become addicted to you own servitude.

You are not a willing servant anymore.

Fight the power by tapping into your inner power.

Malcolm X

Dangerous Black Girl

When you arm a woman with knowledge and she finds the courage to speak her truth, the world better watch out.
That’s right bitches and mitches. #StayWoke #StrongWomen #SpeakTruth

The Decadence of Post-Modernism

People think Decadence is a trendy hipster word. It’s not.
Here’s the definition of decadence:

You’re not a black man, but this man below is, so you’ll let him speak on my behalf

(cause that’s just the way it is , quoth Tupac Shakur).

For the Hero’s Workshop

Journaling, Journalism, and the Personal Journey

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