Act I Heart of Darkness·Passion

Soulfood & Jazz Cats

Fiction. Based on a True Trip to Super Club. 20 minute read

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Tick tock, tick tock, round the clock, wound the clock.

Your time is running

Running, running, running.

You can run but you can’t hide.

Your time in this matrix is running down.

Run Rabbit, Run.

Rabbit Hole Revelations

You know you are in living in the Book of Revelations. Non-believers will tell you that everybody at their time period will think that their time is apocalyptic, but when you look the world, you know it’s getting there.

This memorial is too quiet and all the people in the buildings around it are just too quiet. It was eerie. She just finished writing over at Saks Fifth Ave and is now headed back towards the subway station to check out Smoke Jazz.

On Fire

Before you left to New York, you remember seeing an apocalyptic cloud. You knew almost immediately that it was an omen. What gave it away? Was it because it looked like a mushroom cloud from nuclear testing or was it that it reminded you of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs?

Either way, this image has been imprinted in your psyche for quite some time, so pausing at the wonder of this entire reality gives you both excitement and an unsettling feeling that radical change is coming.

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You are faced with the Red Cube only a few blocks from the 9.11. Memorial.

You had faced the Black Cube over at Astoria street. These two cubes activates you in getting present to a real war going on. This is an information war.

She is by H&M and sees the red cube. This activates her.

Cloud City & Pie in the Sky

Blockchain is the pie in the sky. Cryptocurrency is the ability to track the digital imprint between parties and yet also anonymizes the identity of the currency holder.


Initial Coin Offering is the newest way of considering building your entire company on Blockchain. Ethereum is based on ether–the human collective conscious.


Those who put their energy, resources, building, coding, and adding more to the frame of this ever growing hydra, will be part of the blockchain history. This will be put into the black box and perhaps feed into the black and red cubes, tethered by the phallic antennas, so that we can all track, monitor and see how humans can telepathically connect amongst each other. We can measure, track and perhaps even see in light maps, the levels of conscious elevation that this human is achieving.  

“I can’t stand the fucking propaganda at Thespians,” the woman with the Hackney British accent declared. “I am in their PHD program studying communications and how blockchain is interwoven in it, but I just can’t believe they’re still talking about monitoring or killing off ‘fake news’ and I feel pressured to conform to their thinking.”

The brit sees red. She sees red everything, the same way Angelie is seeing red everywhere as well.

The Silver Lining

Adam’s Job is the Good Doctor and Eve’s Job is Patience. 

She is the Patient. 

Love is Patient. Love is Kind. 

He is there to cure her. 

That was the download you received when you were heading towards 9.11. Memorial to Smoke Jazz.

She makes it a point to smile at the man dressed in blue. He perhaps worked inside the subway. Perhaps his job is to direct travelers like her who were lost. She asks him for direction and smiles. He smiles back and gives her the direction.

She didn’t need the directions. She has her Nav, but it mattered that she asked him anyway. His eyes lit up just a little. Human interaction.

She looked down.





The Numbers.

Keep following her.

A revelation

Masculine energy can fix the problem and a feminine energy can create the solution.

An Eve can not fix the problem because there is no problem, because it’s all good.

The 8th is the split Eve.

The eight is half Deborah and half Jezabel.

A feminine has 7 chakras and a masculine has 8 chakras.

It takes 8 Adams to wake up an Eve. 

7 Dwarfs and a Prince to wake an eve. That’s the formula.


It’s the Jezebel spirit. Red and black.

“You want it the color of Sin City correct?” Srilanka asked, when they were volunteering to add new UX/UI development to the website. 

Volunteers. It takes time, because money is not being exchanged. Just a service.

Do they know what they are servicing?

They are confused.

When are you going to tell them the truth?

When are you going to finally tell them that one of the many purposes is to fight the jezebel spirit among those most vulnerable to it?

To transform the jezebel into the divine feminine. The one that allows so that more compassion flows in real situations rather than just looking good among virtue signalling elites to climb up the same beast system, the pyramid scheme.

Some women act like they are virtuous just so they can climb the ladder and control everything. At what cost? If you are the most beautiful of them all in the outer shell but in the inner shell, you are like the painting in Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, what is the point but the devil’s trap?


Do not conform to this world, but rather be discerning that there are real spirits and principalities that operate with the intention of deceiving us.

“Yes,” we want to attract women who have the jezebel spirit so they can journal, see the mirror darkly, and free themselves of it when they learn of the truth of this entity that tries to blind and control them the way it has controlled me in the past and the way it is still trying, with less and less success everyday. 

“You must starve her passions,” Tariq told you.

You exit the subway and continue walking on Broadway, and stumble upon a grocery store, the mom and pop shop version of Whole Foods market. There were aisles and aisles of fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juices.

All you could think about was how much of this nutritious, organic foods are getting wasted, that could be nurturing those who are hungry, starving only a few steps outside the streets of New York,  Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These foods for people with broken spirits, broken homes, broken lives and their brokenness perpetuated by the broken system, where the winners are the ones who are the most  apathetic…and are blinded by the Beast System, or “Belief System,” of the entire pyramid scheme.

Trickle down economics my ass. 

You think to yourself.

These wasted foods are trickled to trash, not to the people.

“Excuse me,” you ask the Jamaican woman who stares at you in envy. “How much of this food gets consumed?”

“All of it,” she lies.

The jezebel runs thick in her bloodline. Her envy of you only blinds her further, weakening the soul so that the spirit takes control.

You look directly into her eyes to reveal that you know the truth.

“Ask him,” she points to the manager. She recognizes your soul. It is strong.

You walk over to the Jamaican store manager.

“Excuse me, but how much of the food here actually gets consumed by your customers?” you ask.

He smiles, “Well I don’t know.”

“Please estimate for me. About 25%?” you ask.

“No, not that low,” he said.

“How about 50%?” you ask.

He smiled.

You were ball park on point.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Why throw away 50% when you can use that 50% to feed the poor?”

He shakes his head but his spirit is light. His body language gives away the truth that he has been thinking about this for quite some time. It was refreshing for him to hear the truth.

She continues walking.

You begin to pray.

In Jesus name, I bind the spirit of apathy in this entire block, in this entire vein, to bind the jezebel spirit, in Jesus’ name. In the authority of Jesus’ blood, I pray that the people here begin to wake up and see the truth of what they can do. Our Heavenly Father is the God of Light, and He will transform this entire block.

She arrives at Smoke Jazz.

The room was red and black. Yes, you tell yourself, tonight is an exploration into the darkness. The boss lady runs jezabel into the stronghold and it dances through the beauty of the music. She tells you that you must leave your black suitcase with your writing tools in the back. You tell her no. You tell her that you have expensive things inside this black suitcase so you will not leave it. She sees that you are determined, so she escorts you to the bar where you had your suitcase tucked under the barstool. You begin to hear the music drown out the concerns of your mind.

You order red wine and a pizza and listen to red music with tinge of indigo.

Divine Design.

You are immersed now.







You meet an actress from Tokyo and a Brooklyn native visiting her hometown on her birthday from Washington D.C.

You start talking after the show and you wound up at another bar in the middle of Times Square in an Irish pub run by black men. Sexy black men. Sexy black mason men.

A Russian ogre sits across from you, the Brooklyn native to your right and Tokyo actress to your left. He is drunk but he speaks through the daemon of bitterness and judgement.

“Treat her right,” he says to you, deferring to the Tokyo actress. The daemon that possesses him is referring to the Jezebel that follows you around everywhere, and now after you’ve drank the red wine from Supper Club and the Russian Mule from this mason bar, the jezebel is gaining more authority over you. While she can no longer possess you, she can still leech onto you, and now the Russian Ogre sees that spirit on you.

“I know you,” he accuses. You think that he is referring to Holy Spirit who is currently possessing you but he is actually referring to the jezebel who creates the mask over Holy Spirit. While it allowed you to gain easy access to strongholds in NY, it is not so good with having conversations with daemon possessed drunks.

“You have been abused,” he says to you.

“Yes, I have.”

He begins to tell his story about a father who hated his boy that when the boy grew up, he tried to kill himself, if it wasn’t for the calico cat that had passed by. He decided to live for her. The cat almost died in a fire during a time he went to the store, and when he came back, he had rescued her.

It came full circle for him.

Your deep listening of his story brought him to tears.

The Holy Spirit had shown through the jezebel spirit that initially masked your intention to exorcise the daemon that possesses him.

No weapons formed against me shall prosper.

He begins to tell another story and you tell him that you need to have some time with your friends now. He apologizes and leaves. Moments later, he comes back looking for his credit card, which he never had. It was all a show, for he had no money, drinking at their bar, and Angelie had no idea how he got away with ordering drinks with no card to give the bartender.

You think it may have been a divine setup.

He is now outside of the bar. The men in black apologizes for the interruption. You pay your tab. You want to go to Times Square and absorb the bright lights that blasts into five senses, but you realize you need to go back home. It’s late.

You had told the Japanese actress that you are open to taking the same cab, but you two are going in opposite directions so you leave her.

Don’t be mean to her, you remember the Russian Ogre after the Russian Mule tell you.

You know exactly why you would treat her wrong.

She is a Japanese woman.

The Japanese women who took Sonny, took Green Eyes, and the colleague who confessed that she was sleeping with a married man.

She despises their sleepiness, or the culture of sleepiness in Japanese women. They are celebrated for their subtle manipulation tactics. It is normalized for them.

Whereas you were raised to confront the issue head on.

The Japanese women would always win the man over you, because more men likes to be lied to than be given the bitter truth.

The men can have the geishas.

You are mu-fucking-lan.

Perhaps the Ogre was right.

You got to start forgiving.


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