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The Dark Side of the Moon

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Exploring the Dark Side of the Moon

The shadow is the master of illusions and plants false realities in our subconscious in hopes that we act upon these false realities here in the third dimensional plane [x]. Because ego is attached to us and is inescapable in this reality, we are in constant struggle to master it rather than have it master us.

The first step in discovering the truth within is by first recognizing that we have a shadow side. When we understand that this shadow has an agenda that is contrary to what our higher purpose wants us to become, which is love manifest, we may begin freeing ourselves of its shenanigans.  We look at everything we have done, including the inner dialogue, playing through a filter that is colored by the shadow. We call this a “darkly” illusion–the illusion of what happened in our past.

Because we are light beings manifest, we have the capacity to filter the “darkly,” or the swamp of illusions, through a mirror, by mocking the illusion in story so that illusion can see itself for what it is.

One of the best weapons against false realities is to first uncover it and see it for what it is–

As an illusion.

An illusion whispered like a wind tunnel from the abyss to the receptors of our mind in hopes that we would believe and carry out its spawn of mischiefs, hurting others in its wake. So to prevent illusion from taking control of us, we must take a look at illusion for what it is.

We do this dissection through the realm of illusion’s own territory

Through the looking glass.

Through the realm of story. 


Based on a true experience.

This is the beginning of artist-inspired journaling.

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