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The Liberal Litmus Test

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Preface An Acknowledgement on Tact

The sweet lie is that mainstream media still has the consumer’s’ best interest in mind OVER the businesses, corporations, and advertisers’ interest. This is the Blue Pill’s Sweet Lie.

Think about it….

How do businesses make money off of you?

Through Love or through Fear?

Let’s do a mind exercise and find out:

Right before you bought that big bag of Flamming Hot Cheetos you later gorged down, where you feeling forgiving and compassionate towards something or someone OR were you feeling angry, irritated and moody?

Right before you traded in your Toyota for that Benz you couldn’t afford, were you feeling self-confident or were you feeling insecure about yourself?

Right before you got drunk and had that one night stand with the person you met at the bar, were you feeling lonely right before you asked her to come home with you or were you feeling completely loved by the universe?

B.S. Beast System

Belief Systems & Bull Shit

So don’t sit here and tell me that the news doesn’t cause us to feel more anxious (which perpetuates low self worth), more helpless (which perpetuates more insecurity), and more fearful (which perpetuates more anger). These are social engineering for social control, manufactured for the general population to trust in one another less.  Is it any wonder that the number one health epidemic is depression and loneliness (which has a directly correlation to each other according to the WHO).

Fear, insecurity, and anger translates into more consumer sales.

Consumerism preys upon the “One Up” mentality, and based on this “One Up” mentality, we can justify anything–including ignoring the homeless man on the street when you could have just saved your leftovers at the restaurant you were eating in and handing the leftovers to the man who is starving on the street right outside that very restaurant (I’m addressing mostly hipsters when I say this). 

This is why the majority of the people in this world are starving while the grocery stores are throwing away a majority of their food every night.  

This is why the majority of the people are living in huts, while millions of nicely built buildings are empty every night when the worker bees leave their offices.

This is why the poor is breeding more than the rich because they feel hopeless so they produce more offsprings in hopes that one of them will take their lineage to the “next level” and support the family (free labor and free lunches).

This system is fucking broken.

And before we can find the solutions, we must get to the source that created the problem.

The source is vice.

The source is the absence of love.

And that, my friends, is a universal problem we ALL need to own up to.

It takes a village to raise a devil.

This is why the nouveau riche who hacked the zero sum game (the pyramid scheme) of this economic system are flaunting their wealth in “lifestyle” magazines, and social media platforms, and justifying and perpetuating the system so they can continue to be the “one-upper” at the expense of the “one-downer.”

Why do you think more and more people are suffering from mental health?

Because those who perpetuate the mental illness are the ones who reap the long term benefits of it. 

How am I familiar with this?

The Savior Complex Lessons from Horror

The savior gets its power by others being weak, helpless, and small. At its extreme, think of Anne Wilkes’ behavior in Stephen King’s book and movie, Misery.

Renfield is Dracula’s servant. In the book and movie, Dracula, he maintains the household and does all the dirty work for Dracula–from cleaning up the victim’s blood after a feast to ensnaring a hapless victim for Count Dracula.

That’s how I view those who enable the elites by justifying their actions, their sociopathic philosophies of life, because those same sociopaths their salaries and maintain their nouveau riche lifestyle; they remind me of Renfield-like archetypes. 

How the Alt Left is Subverting the Liberal Movement the way the Neo-Nazis are subverting the Conservative Movement:

The irony of being a liberal is its own tendency to drink its own Kool Aid and think it’s Superman, to smell it’s own bullshit and think it’s fertilizer.

What do I mean by that?

A typical liberal would advocate for universal health care, women’s rights, diversity among all socio-political-and economic structures, and global world peace.

By this definition, I am a Liberal.

However, there is a sinister Neo-Liberal movement, that is now being called the “Alt-Left,” which hides its ugly head behind the veil of  liberalism but is actually communism and fascism, which feeds off of a group think mass to justify an authoritarian-oligarchical government. 

An Alt-Left will advocate for diversity and place value on race, socioeconomic diversity, but will shut down diversity of thought.

In Chinese philosophy of Daoism, we have “the Dao,” or path, and we have “the Dao,” or arrival. To have a truly balanced civilization, one must respect both Daos ( the path and the arrival, the means and the ends). 

A True Liberal respects both the means and the ends.

An Alt-Left respects only the ends and will resort to whatever means necessary to get to its ends, even if it means using the same tactics that its enemies have used, the same tactics that have caused the initial problems to arise.

The above statement I have just made above is revealed and taught in most schools in America as a warning to our youth of the subversive and insidious tactics of any authoritarian government—Remember an authoritarian government is not made overnight—it plants seeds using the Hegelian Dialect, as outlined in George Orwell’s, Animal Farm.

If it looks like a duck, it acts like a duck, it’s a mother fucking duck.

The truth is, some have written me off as crazy for voting and advocating for Trump.  This was apparent when they stopped responding to my texts or phone calls, when they stopped reaching out or having an open dialogue about what had happened.

There is an urban African-American aphorism: “It is what it is.”

“It is what it is.”

In other words, if they treat you like you’re crazy then they really do think that you’re crazy, no matter how much they want to deny it.

This applies to being treated like a “nigger,” meaning “property.” When certain other groups treat a black person like this person is “lesser than,” then “it is what it is.” No matter, what the other person will say or do later, the actions affirm the suspicion.

Mindfulness (also branded as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Like all aphorisms, there are flaws to the “it is what it is” mentality.

Mindfulness completes the “it is what it is” perspective. Mindfulness is another word for humility. 

Mindfulness and Humility operates on this aphorism:

“It is not about thinking less of yourself, but about thinking about yourself less.”

To illustrate:

Case Study 1: Charlie called his buddy Don (white guy) instead of Jon (black guy) when a job opportunity came up even though Charlie is closer to Jon than Don. He brought up Don’s name in the interview because the job calls for someone knowledgeable in CSS. Knowing that Charlie’s friend only knows Ruby on Rails rather than CSS, Charlie brings up the job opportunity to Don.

Jon finds out that Charlie invited Jon for the job opportunity and begins to suspect that his friend, Charlie, is a secret racist, even though they have been best friends since elementary school.

Case Study 2: Crissy invites AJ to a conference that she is speaking in. AJ RSVPs on the invite, but then Crissy makes a comment on AJ’s facebook thread to show concern for her friend who recently changed her vote. AJ reacts by calling out Chrissy for being hypocritical, for implying that she is mentally ill, for voting Trump publically in front of all their friends who were on the Facebook thread, thus embarrassing Crissy in front of all mutual friends rather than using tact by having a person to person discussion about it. Chrissy thinks AJ is childish, rude, and inconsiderate who doesn’t understand politics and therefore can’t be trusted, and AJ thinks Chrissy is acting like an authoritarian by using subversive tactics like questioning someone’s mental health as a condition for an argument rather than addressing the argument itself.

That is why “politics” has become a pejorative word and why we associate “politics” with words like “corruption,” “predatory,” and “insincere.”


Whatever you call it, stigma of any kind, whether it is mental illness or calling someone the “N” word, the “C” Word, the “S” word, the “J” Word, the “B” word, is designed to subvert and demonize.

Stigma is designed to Subvert, Demonize, Devalue, Dismiss

Subvert: undermine the power and authority of.

Demonize: portray as wicked and threatening.

Devalue: reduce or underestimate the worth or importance of.

Dismiss: order or allow to leave; send away.

The other’s self-expression, life experience, and truth.  

without making an effort to

  • Respect the other person’s truth,
  • Consider a reality that does not fit our sense of reality.
  • Validate the traumatic experiences, hardships, and injustices of the other.
  • Resolve the issue by focusing on a solution where both parties may equitably win (notice I said equitable rather than equal…there is a distinction).  

All stigma is designed to dismiss and subvert diversity of self-expression and an individual’s uniqueness by devaluing and demonizing their character so that the enabler or propagator of the stigma has a one up (+1) to justify their superiority over the other.

The One-Upper

The predatorial tactic of an “one-upper” is grounded upon self-interest and greed. If you think about it, by demonizing one group as “the other,” this person can gain more “followers” on his or her platform. While initially this person may have good intentions to demonize the other (i.e. there is a legitimate cause such as racist KKK klansmen killing black boys or gang members kidnapping and raping a girl), the long term effects of perpetual demonization (calling the other members a “rapist” or a “felon”) only serves the demonizer. By continually making this “other group” wrong, the one upper’s reward is “credibility”; I deliberately quoted “credibility” because as we have arrived at the growing

Stigma is is designed to subvert and dismiss for the benefit of the One-Upper, both in amplifying one’s vanity and superiority over the demonized.

The Liberal Litmus Test Are we stigmatizing one group?

If yes, they are Alt-Left; If no, they are Liberal.

Are they making wrong, shutting down, and/or deliberately not hearing the truths of the other side?

If yes, they are Alt-Left; if no, they are Liberal.

Are they invalidating the suffering, adversities, and injustices of the other group?

If yes, they are Alt-Left; if no, they are Liberal.  

The Solution


“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.” -Martin Luther King.

Where is the Love?

What is love?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

…To be continued on deconstructing the definition of Love.

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