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The Producer’s Job

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I’m clear

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“An Entrepreneur’s Job is to Raise Money & Keep the Vision” – Reidhoffman

Know Thyself Break Your Heart Open

My Purpose – I am disrupting apathy in the age of Aquarius by inspiring humanity to discover their higher walk so they may began playing a non-zero-sum game with those who are also evolving their consciousness to a higher state.

My Passion I am inspiring the broken hearted to discover their inner heArtist in Heartbreak while discovering my own, I am choosing self-expression when I am tempted to default into self-destruction while inspiring others in my being and becoming, I am choosing to create my love story out of loss so that I may serve as a mirror to inspire others in their own walk.

My Profession- I am a storyteller disguised as an entrepreneur, I influence the influencers when I can execute on humility, and through story, I inspire wolf in sheep’s clothing into the sheep in wolf’s clothing.


Know Thy Blessings

My Creditability – I am a crazy social entrepreneur; I tell it through the psukhe voice; I can call out my own shadows; I can stand up what I believe in; I give voice to the voiceless, including my own voice.

My Currency -Is energetic, creative, and compassionate; I am able to achieve flow state faster in each passing moment; I love storytelling; I am beginning to master the psukhe way of moving life by first self-realizing; I am able to dance with my own shadows, which shines a light upon the way of dancing among other people’s shadows; I have the gift of insight and prophecy.

My Connections – to Holy Spirit; to people through the deep listening for their highest possible self and their heart’s truest desires, to the shadows who whisper to my mind and showcase in my dreams, so that I may tell their story in fiction, based on a true love story.


Know Thy Shadows

Love Bears – witness to all shadows that dance among human beings in our being and becoming.

Love Believes –  that there is a spiritual dance for the human spirit.

Love Hopes – that when we reveal that which we conceal, it will set us all free.

Love Endures – patiently as we serve ourselves as mirrors for shadows to discover their true nature, so that they may also choose themselves as love transforming.

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