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The Three Act Love Story

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The Three Act Love Story

Written By Mingjie “MJ” Zhai, True Love-Inspired

Act I: Grudges

The cost of a grudge for a man I couldn’t forgive

on a past that I chose to relive

on replay

That I saw coming.


You made a mess out of me, liquid pools, lakes on satin sheets

Drenched in sweat between heavy breaths, we both exhaled

in your room, where your mother’s portrait witnessed

our consummation.

The pain deep,

thrusted into both our bodies,

into the depths of our souls

into each other’s pores, we sweat out the toxins

Clearing space so we could see the possibilities

of each other, for each other, with each other.

I felt the thrust of your love push me into an ecstasy

so deep

I discovered the depths of the Black Sea’s peace

in the seam between reality and dreams.

I had to scream

out the truth:

“I love you.”

But like Persephone, I looked back

like an old dream, familiar


black and white.

Where a man left his girl alone at night

while he was out drenched in liquor, filled with delusions

of grandeur.

Pride, power, prestige

he wanted it all

including extra trophies to reinforce his status

embracing an ambitious women

while leaving behind an empty bed

for the woman who waited.

She was panicked,

fully manic,

for she knew her man was in the arms of another woman.

Nothing more painful, more tortuous than to experience that betrayal

of trust.


had sliced through the bond

Like a poisonous sword

festering the flesh between two lovers,

and it was this she saw in the darkness past.

She looked back

And felt her pain

The woman you had betrayed.

For she was me and I her,

upon the stains of your alcoholic breath.

You woke and saw the ghost of your past

and you were afraid that we would never forgive nor forget

the betrayal of two women,

one by you and another by another man like you.

And I did betray you.

I tested you.

Listened to the Jezebel tell me that you were sleeping around

that my body was just a toy and my mind just a tool for you,

When you said you wanted my body exclusively,

when you said you wanted to be my best friend,

when you took me out to your Cheers spot,

when you wanted to introduce me to your friends,

when you held my hand steadily down the streets of K-town,

I had listened to the spirit of doubt, and doubted my hopes

that we would be beautiful co-parents, co-collectively creating our communities

by being the change we co-collectively wanted to see in this world

a world of colors like MJ in Captain EO,

but the infighting I had was the spirit of doubt, discouragement, and disillusionment,

I wound up committing the same crime I had projection upon you

I had allowed that jezabel spirit, that masculine spirit in disguise as a female spirit, deceive me,

I reacted,

took action,

and became the abuser that I had accused you to be,

manifesting into present, sabotaging our present,

the grudge on replay, propelled by jezebel, and became the projection

that almost sabotaged our future

if it were not for the art of transformation,

I would have kept this illusion as my reality,

but now I see the truth, outlined plain as the fields of Laura Ingall’s prairie

in this spoken word, called “The Three Act Love Story.”

Act II: Huntress & Eve-O Transforming

So I hunt for men, black as night, voice as soft as satin, a heart as calm as fine wine.

I told the universe to find another man like you, I said,

“Find me an intelligent, business minded, African-American man,”

and the universe responded after the GetLit Competition

He wore a smile and energetically felt my capricornic gravity.

The same energy that had you attracting

had you realizing that this charming was harming

So you kept a wall around your heart

kept your distance from this instance

and in your wisdom,

kept your golden silence.

Whether or not intended,

your silence allowed me to tap into my feminine

and discover my own shadows, within.

That was when I began transforming the Jezebel into the Divine Feminine

Black men upon Black men I had begun to pursue,

Only to discover,

that skin color

had nothing to do

with the color of Love

Between me and you.

Any Black man after you, that I had pursued

was only because I had already fallen for you.


When I began seeing the deception,

I saw the true nature of Saturn’s contraption.

When I began trusting in “fear no evil,”

when I began leaning into the fear in evil,

when I began embracing my shadows,

I saw the beauty in the beast,

I saw the true nature of my shadows,

And I loosed compassion upon all 13s,

respectively speaking.

That was when

I discovered the true nature of black;

Black is the color of all colors

Pigmented for all colors condensed.

The carrier of God’s people,

The rays of the sun, intensed

By the

Beaming into the pigments

Dark Matter

From those long suffering

Melanin is the darkening

The weight of all those fallen

the color of all colors,


God commanded Moses

to set his people free.

But Moses didn’t want this heavy burden

of such a daunting task.

so he made excuses over,

fumbled, toiled, and avoided.

He was an unwilling volunteer of God’s great assignment

Though he wanted to quit every step of the way,

he leaned into the fear

and embraced the Fires of Anger

through the burning bush,

and discovered God there.

The silver

Lining to blackness

is moonlight’s illumination upon a vast midnight ocean,

the glitter among the universe you hold;

Black gold.

I discovered a rose in concrete

in your mind, your body, your soul.

I discovered the true nature of your bloodline

The original ancestors

The line of Abe

And I, the line of Cain.

Now reversed,


In this reality matrix

We call a universe.

Act III: The Greatest Love Story


Our Love Story transforming

into our greatest creation

A creation that neither your company nor mine could even compare close to;

It is the co-collective creation of our beautiful blasian babies

that we would love and adore,

raise with pride,

invest our minds, hearts, and it would each drive

us to build our respective businesses

to protect, profess and provide

for each other’s seeds,

to achieve its greatest feat

and parenthood would be our greatest love story believed.

With you,


Is in




Being joy


I’m walking the Triple 7

through my being and becoming

a woman in her full beauty,

a love story transforming.

I’m walking the path of most resistance

Narrow is the way

amid a forest of valleys, peaks and shadows of destruction

I continue towards

7th Heaven

Denouement: A Love Letter to Our Fem.i.nine

The walk of True Love is the Love of True Self.


Is the true essence

Of all the Divine feminine.

When we discover what our higher walk is


Since it was Eve who first bit from the fruit

and it was Adam who pursued



then the reversal to a reversed world is thus this:

it is the O who must first pay the pied piper’s price

By praying to Jesus Christ

Who covers all debts

Through his blood

and conquered love in action

from beginning to end

in flesh.

So the bet was won

that now it’s up to Eve to believe

that God repays the pied piper in full

so that all of Eve’s cups overfloweth

breaking all multi generational curses,

the blood overflows to the rivers of our ancestors.

Eve-O’s repay Jesus by walking his walk

And the currency he asks of us is patience, kindness, and compassion,

while in full pursuit of our happiness

by being patient and persistent in showing up for others,

In the walk of our higher path,

blessed by Holy Spirit,

Protecting our children, trusting our sisters, and standing up for all life-givers,

Our divine feminine.

The Dao

The way I’m showing up for you,

is also my way of showing up for others.

The path is the persistent pursuit of

patience, kindness, compassion with myself

so that it mirrors you.

That takes humility in me

and Mindfulness

of you

to love you

wherever you are,

however you are,

whoever you are,

In this moment

In this reality

Exactly as you are.

I chose chocolate because I chose chocolate.

I chose love because I chose love.

I chose you because I chose you.  

Not to be or to be?

I choose B.

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